Stronger Together

Nemo Office Club is built on collaboration and working together to apply the collective power of the group wherever it brings most benefit to our members and our vendors.

At the heart of this is our ability to facilitate a networking, interaction and the sharing of information through a variety of online functions and in-person at our many business and social events throughout the year.

For answers for every question

Imagine if there was one place where you could find all the information you needed for sourcing from over 100 suppliers, latest news, hints & tips, support guides and a raft of marketing tools?

Imagine no more – The Hive is an exclusive portal that is buzzing with all this information!


Become a part of the family

Our business is to help your business to grow, to do that we value the input of all of our members and the importance of sharing ideas, initiatives and issues. Our regular member meetings are hugely beneficial to members and to us, enabling us to ensure that we are delivering the support that is relevant to YOU.


There for each other

We like to think we have the answer to everything, but (keep this to yourself), we don’t always. However, in a group with over 300 members you can bet your bottom dollar there is someone that knows the answer!

Our Google Groups forum gives members access to each other’s wealth of knowledge – Invaluable for sourcing those unusual requests.


You’re one step closer to joining the UK’s most experienced business supplies dealer group.

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