Why Join Nemo Office Club?

The simplest answer is you do not have to. Nemo Office Club is not for everyone, if you don’t like learning and networking with successful dealers, increasing your sales with proven marketing tools or making more money through improved buying options, then we are not for you.

However, whether you are a commercial business-to-business supplier, selling predominantly online or sell direct to consumers via a retail outlet, and you see the benefits of:

  • Industry-leading marketing to suit your business (we don’t dictate, we complement)
  • Sourcing from over 100 Suppliers (we like a challenge, if your customers use it, we look to source it)
  • Co-operative ownership (we do it for you to make a profit, not us)

…then maybe it is time we talked?

Mark Allan – 07771 880008


Steve Baker – 07879 657726


We don’t like to blow our own trumpet…
but we don’t mind if others like to play a tune from time to time

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You’re one step closer to joining the UK’s most experienced business supplies dealer group.

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