Nemo Office Club launch Live Search on Webstore Solution


Dealer group Nemo Office Club has partnered with Commercexchange to launch Live Search, a new functionality that dramatically improves the customer search experience on the groups’ Momentum ecommerce solution for members.
“Nearly half of all website users go directly to the site search bar and over 60% of shoppers will not return to a site that provided a poor site experience.” Explains Nic Perryman, e-Commerce Director at Commercexchange. “With the trend towards ever growing product ranges of over 250,000 skus on a typical IT catalogue, it is even more important to help get customers to the products they want quickly before they lose interest and go elsewhere.
“Live Search dramatically enhances the user experience. After the user has typed the first 3 characters of the search term, the system automatically starts to display results on the same page. As more characters are typed the system dynamically refines the results live on the page in real-time. The benefit for users is that if they don’t like the search results as they start to appear, they can modify or rewrite the search term mid-search. This dramatically improves the speed of searches and experience for the user.”
Commercexchange has been working in collaboration with Nemo Office Club to develop the enhancements, as Nemo Office Club Managing Director, Tim Beaumont, explains: “Having an effective ecommerce solution is essential for dealers in an increasingly competitive market. We need our members to have access to an affordable solution that gives them the option to keep adding suppliers and categories to their offering, without losing the ease-of-use for customers. I am delighted with the way our marketing team has worked with Commercexchange to deliver the Live Search functionality that will enable customers to find the products they are looking for more efficiently, improving conversion and retention rates.”
The new functionality has now been added to fully subscribed users of the group’s Momentum ecommerce solution and Nic Perryman will be at the conference at Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, this weekend demonstrating the improved sites, currently exclusively available to Nemo Office Club members.
A demo version of the Live Search can be viewed here.