Nemo Office Club & Rhino Stationery Announce Partnership


Nemo Office Club is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Rhino Stationery, a collaboration that includes Victor Stationery, the notebook manufacturer with a legacy dating back to 1882.

This partnership reinforces Nemo Office Club’s commitment to providing innovative opportunities for its members, focusing on high-quality paper goods with dedicated support from a national account manager and marketing manager, comprehensive E-commerce data and imagery for webstores.

Additionally, members receive swift nationwide distribution facilitated by Rhino Stationery’s network, guaranteeing 72-hour delivery of 451 SKUs directly from the manufacturer.

Helen Price, Nemo Office Club’s Purchasing Manager, added, “We are always looking for partnerships that will give our members a unique edge and new opportunities. Rhino Stationery’s product range sets them apart from the competition and gives our members access to a much wider range of environmentally conscious paper products that offer solutions to enhance learning, communication, and business growth.”

Richard Smithers, Global Sales Director of Victor Stationery, added, “Our products offer exciting opportunities for Nemo Office Club members and their clientele to explore new horizons.”