Nick Wilkinson Joins Nemo Office Club


Dealer group Nemo Office Club has appointed Nick Wilkinson as Senior Business Development Manager to replace Mark Allan who will be moving on to join one of the group’s members at the end of the month.

Group MD Tim Beaumont commented: “We are absolutely delighted that Nick has chosen to join Nemo Office Club. Mark Allan has been a fantastic servant to the business and was always going to be difficult to replace, but in recruiting Nick we have someone with industry-leading knowledge, experience and skills to drive our business, and more importantly the business of our members, forward over the months and years ahead.

“Nick brings with him a wealth of knowledge in identifying opportunities, carrying out business reviews and developing strategies that will work for your business. Experienced in the wholesale market with Spicers and Vow, an understanding of vendors from his time at Snopake and time spent consulting with dealers at The Business Performance Group and Highlands; we do not believe we could have found a better person to give you the right support your business needs.”

On accepting the role, Nick admitted, “When the role became available, I jumped at the opportunity. Having spent the last couple of years working for a charity helping businesses with support for employees and customers suffering with deafness and hearing loss, my passion has always been office supplies and being able to make a difference to the success of resellers.

“With many years of experience consulting on people, processes, sales/marketing and operations, it is fantastic to become a part of the Nemo Office Club team and have so much knowledge, support and marketing collateral within the group to be able to help members to develop and grow.”