Celebrating 35 Years


Dealer group Nemo Office Club (originally Nemo Group) is celebrating passing the 35th anniversary of their formation as the brainchild of four Brother business machine dealers who believed that by clubbing together their purchases of office supplies they could strike a better deal with suppliers.

Founder member, Trevor Peak of Custom Business Equipment, reflects upon the humble beginnings: “At the time we were focused on our buying power; if we consolidated our purchases that would make us favourable with suppliers. It was a simple concept, and it worked. I don’t think any of us at the time could envisage how the group would evolve over the next thirty-five years.”

As the longest running dealer group in the UK, Nemo Office Club has seen many changes, but as group Chairman Michael Morgan explains, the basic principles have never wavered: “We are unique in that Nemo was founded on four ‘core pillars’ – run by the members, for the benefit of the members, a strong veto process and the motto ‘Together We’re Stronger’ – these four principles are still the guiding ethos that focuses everything we do on growing our members’ businesses.”

As the industry continues to fight back from covid and battle the decline in traditional office products, the role of the dealer group is as important today as it was when Nemo was formed. “More than ever dealers are looking to us for support and the reassurance that comes with being a part of a group.” explains MD, Tim Beaumont. “It is our role to deliver whatever it takes to help them to grow sales and increase profitability.

“We acquired Office Club in 2019 because we could see the need for greater collaboration among independent resellers as the industry continues to diversify into new markets, and with that the need to develop more supportive and versatile strategies.

“Who would have believed when the group formed all those years ago that our latest marketing activity would include electric charge point installations, bicycle shelters and pest control products? Whatever it takes, our plan remains to grow our membership by offering the best programmes in the market and to tackle head on the challenges of the next thirty-five years.”