Local Business Partners with Local School to Supply Eco-Friendly Paper


The Duchess’s Community High School in Alnwick, Northumberland, has made the switch to an eco-friendly copier paper that directly supports the work of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Accounts Manager, Anna Jobling, believes firmly in supporting local suppliers as part of educating the importance of sustainability in all walks of life, so when local supplier Complete Business Supplies presented a ream of paper that is produced to the highest environmentally friendly standards in addition to contributing 4 pence from every ream directly to the conservation charity, the decision to change was easy.

“We are all aware of the need to make changes to protect the planet for our future generations, but it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of ‘greenwashing’ rather than really making a conscious change. We aim to set the best possible example for our students, using a copier paper within the school that has a positive story of rewilding, conservation and protection associated with it is just perfect.”

Richard Frater, MD of CBS World, explained: “The Our Earth copier paper is our flagship offering, everything from the paper mill where it is produced to the charity it supports is focused on sustainability. Based on current consumption levels we believe that the contribution to the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust from The Duchess’s Community High School will be over £950. That is a fantastic achievement and highlights how small changes in our lives can make a huge difference to our planet.”

Established by author and conservationist Gerald Durrell, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust has had the same four-word mission statement, ‘Saving Species from Extinction’, since it was founded in 1959 and this remains at the heart of what the charity does today.

The school has opted to use the eco-paper whenever stocks are available and have also switched to a more environmentally-friendly toilet roll for use across the site.